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3 Steps to a Fa-la-la-la-la Fantastic Holiday!

L-Theanine supplementYikes! Here we sit on the brink of the hectic part of the holiday season. What you choose to do and not do, think and not think is going to affect how much “happy” goes into your Happy Holidays. Here are 3 tips to help you enjoy the season:
  1. Acknowledge that everything doesn’t have to be magazine- or TV-show-perfect. Leave the ornate centerpieces and handmade chocolate coffee cups to the images in the commercials. Accomplish what’s realistic and still enjoyable. Let the rest go. Do not judge the season by elaborate magazine spreads and false expectations.
  2. Just say no. Cookie exchange? No thanks. Run the holiday bazaar? Not this year. Fifty nine houses in one round robin in a night? Decline. Make a list of what is possible, things you really want to say “yes” to and stick to your list.
  3. Take time for the basics. Though this time of year is busy and filled with opportunities to overindulge, don’t forget the day to day basics of taking care of yourself which includes keeping up with your daily exercise & supplement regimen. With all the stress it doesn’t hurt to add in a few extras either! L-Theanine is one such supplement that’s focused on naturally promoting relaxation.
Take control of your holiday season with these 3 tips and most of all, remember to be good to yourself and have FUN!

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