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3 Cleansing Myths Debunked

Whole Body Cleanse SystemA good, natural cleanse is a realignment with what’s healthy in life—a healthy diet, a chance to slow down a bit from our too fast, overly-processed lifestyle (or after times of overindulgence, such as the holiday season). There are some misconceptions about cleanses, though … and we’re debunking them right here!

Myth #1: A cleanse means no solid food.
Reality: Actually, you’ll probably be adding foods to your diet. All you have to give up is the stuff you probably know isn’t good for you anyway—refined breads and sugars, processed and cured meats, and excessive caffeine, etc. Instead you’ll focus on eating whole foods and proper hydration.
Myth #2: A cleanse means running to the bathroom.
Reality: As long as you chose a cleanse that is designed to work WITH your body instead of against it, this should not be the case. While you may experience some changes in bathroom habits, a cleanse shouldn’t cause drastic enough changes to interfere with your daily routine.

Myth #3: All cleanses are colon cleanses.
Reality: Cleanses come in a variety of targeted options! If you’re looking for complete body rejuvenation, look for a “Whole Body” cleanse.

Interested in trying a cleanse? Look for one that works gently with your body to promote its natural ability to detoxify itself, such as the Whole Body Cleanse™ 10-day cleansing system from Enzymatic Therapy. You can also check out their website for cleansing meal plans and food suggestions.


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