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You Betcha: 45 Fargo Facts You Need to Know

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by Jenna M

Think you know Fargo? Think you know what makes us tick? Ohhh, yaaa, suuure ya do! Read up so you can spot a true Fargoan next time you find one of us!


1. Up here we call casseroles “hot dishes.” And hotdish isn't an adjective. It's a noun. Sometimes a proper noun. Say it loud. Say it proud. "I'm bringin' Hotdish!" 


2. BBQ can sometimes mean sloppy joes. Be prepared to eat either when arriving at a potluck.


3. In Fargo, dinner means supper and lunch means dinner. Don’t confuse us.


4. Brunch is also a big deal in Fargo. We basically just love food here.


5. People in Fargo receive emails about going to the Sons of Norway for lunch because it's liver and onions day... and they are actually excited to go.


6. When summer arrives in Fargo, it goes a little something like this:


7. Alas, summer doesn't last long in Fargo.


8. Winter is coming. For real.


9. When it hits, expect multiple layers.


10. You may also find people combining coats with shorts, because logic.


11. Socks are acceptable year-round. Yes, even with sandals.


12. It's normal to switch from air conditioning to heat in the same day.


13. Think your car is safe outside in winter? Think again.


14. Plan on waking up at least 10 minutes early on those icy mornings.


15. Snow day in Fargo? Indeed.


16. Zero degrees is a “little chilly” or “not bad without the wind" in Fargo. Anywhere else, well...


17. While summer weekends are dedicated to going to the lake, winter weekends are for sleeping.


18. Or disappearing from people, because doing anything with anyone would involve someone going outside.


19. Or travel. We really like to get away when it's cold outside.


20. That's why our tiny airport (seriously, five gates) consists of non-stop flights to places like Orlando, Las Vegas and Phoenix.


21. But don't worry, we don't all hate winter in Fargo. In fact, some of us rather enjoy it.


22. Tell strangers you’re from Fargo, and they say, “Do you put people in wood chippers there?"


23. Speaking of wood chippers, both the movie and TV show "Fargo" were/are filmed primarily in Minnesota/Canada, but that doesn’t stop people from believing it’s all “based on a true story."


24. Bill Clinton admitted to regularly watching "Fargo" on Air Force One during his presidency. He told a crowd of Fargoans this once, clearly not knowing about #23 above.


25. Just to be clear, Fargo is located in NORTH Dakota. Not South Dakota.


26. Not Minnesota.


27. Not Montana.


28. And definitely not Canada. We're in the USA, people.


29. Like Canadians, Fargoans give vowels more syllables. It’s not “oh,” it’s “ooOOOh.”


30. We regularly use "oh for" (pronounced "oh fer") in conversation. Oh for cute! Oh for funny! Oh for nice!

31. We use the classic "Uff Da!" and "You betcha!" when appropriate. It's okay if you don't know what those mean.


32. Canadians end their sentences in "eh”; we end ours in "then." For instance, "Let's go to the store, then.” Also, "Are you going, then?”


33. If you're "headed out" somewhere (to the mall, for example) and invite someone else along, you simply ask "Go with?"


34. It’s bEg, people, not bAg. I don't care how you spell it. It's not what it looks like.


35. We basically have our own language.


36. “Rush hour” is another way of saying it took us an extra 5-10 minutes to get home, but we still get plenty annoyed!


37. Fargo is the only place on Earth that has a herd of painted bison. (Fun fact: the artist behind "Tigalo" works at Swanson!) 


38. Deer opener is considered a minor holiday and an excuse to miss school.


39. You can leave your purse, phone and car keys at the table when you go to the restroom without any worry.


40. In Fargo, a stranger will gladly help you shovel out your car, fix your flat tire or give you a jump. But don’t try to tip him for his trouble. That would be offensive.


41. Our relatives start juicy bits of gossip with the phrase, "Well, of course you know ____" or "Of course you heard about ____". These stories are almost always pointless and have nothing to do with anything, but let them tell you about it anyway. They feel accomplished, and that's what counts.


42. Fargo residents love striking up conversations with strangers. Come prepared with stories and hugs.


43. A true Fargoan can pick out a random stranger and instantly become “old friends” by working through which relative’s neighbor’s babysitter happened to date your cousin’s fifth grade teacher from “back home.”


44. It’s easy to become friends with a Fargoan. Just say hello. We’ll handle the rest.


45. Seriously, we're really nice here.

17 Quotes About Health & Wellness That Will Make You Want to Eat Better, Live Longer & Smile More

Monday, December 23, 2013 by Ben H

Sometimes (especially on Mondays) what we really need is a brilliant author, an Irish proverb or a great figure from American history to snap us out of our malaise and realize that maybe... just maybe...  good health and happiness aren't as complicated as they're made out to be. I promise you, at least one of the following 17 health quotes will feel like a smack to the head when you read it. So read on. Enjoy. Share with others... and tell me in the comments section which one really hit you!


1) Yes, bacon is bad for you (or is it?)... but man does it smell good!


2) This one's a bit scary, but it's a good reminder to make time for what's really important.


3) And here comes Benjamin Franklin... and, of course, he nails it.


4) And then comes along Mr. Thomas Edison... and he nails it, too.


5) For anyone who thinks they're perfect...


6) Your body is a wonder... wonderful pharmacy. Yeah, that's it!


7)  Slow down. Eat less. Enjoy more.


8) One of the foremost yoga teachers in the world breaks it down for us...


9) Then some Mark Twain wannabe named Josh breaks it down even further in case we didn't quite get the yoga guy...


10) The five keys to good health.


11) Don't ever, ever, ever... ever underestimate the power of laughter. And rest. 


12) If you don't know Michael Pollan, get to know Michael Pollan.


13) Incredibly simple, it's almost embarrassing. But, it's also incredibly true.


14) What does Meryl Streep have to say? Something quite spot on. 


15) What's your prescription for health? If you need one, try Leslie's...


16) To quote or not to quote Bill Shakespeare... is never a question. 


17) And one for the handyman mechanic in your family.



BONUS: A simple, yet powerful challenge from Lee puts it all into perspective:


So, what's your favorite health quote? Which one do you think should've been included in this list? Share in the comments section below!



Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss: How Does It Compare to Other Weight Management Formulas?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 by Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

In today's featured video from iHealthTube.com, Peter Miller joins in with a discussion about raspberry ketones, the natural weight loss nutrient now made famous by the like of Dr. Oz and other daytime talk show hosts. Mr. Miller sat down with the iHealthTube crew to talk about how raspberry ketones compare to other weight management formulas available on the market today.

I invite you to watch the video below and share your reaction in the comments section at the bottom of the page... for example, let us know if you've tried raspberry ketones and what your experience was like. As always, I wish you the very best of health.

Lee Swanson



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About Peter Miller

Peter Miller is Director of Product Development at Integrity Nutraceuticals. He has over 10 years of product development experience in domestic and international markets in the nutraceutical and nutrition industry.

Integrity Nutraceuticals International is a supplier worldwide of innovative and specialty nutraceutical ingredients including amino acids, creatine, sports nutrition supplements, joint health, glucose management and herbal extracts. The company takes an uncompromising approach to providing the highest efficacy and safety for their products by offering science-based nutritional ingredients which are verified analytically by scientists in their state-of-the-art laboratory using validated methods.


Disclaimer: The featured iHealthtube.com video makes no claim as to the effectiveness of any particular supplement represented. Please note that this site is not a medical site and cannot replace advice from your physician or health care provider. Individual results may vary. iHealthTube and Swanson Health Products encourage you to seek the advice of a qualified professional for any health concern, including supplemental nutrition.