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Dr. Bob's June #OptimalU: Dinner & Dessert!

The Drugless DoctorThis month for my #OptimalU we are continuing our meal planning section (last month we covered breakfast & lunch) and for June we are focusing on dinner and dessert. Here the most common questions I receive concerning these two subjects on a daily basis. I hope they make a difference in your life. If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I will answer them on my live event on June 25th.


How can I make a healthy dinner if I have limited time?

If you want to eat healthy consistently, it requires planning. My wife and I grocery shop every weekend and select the items, mostly vegetables, we will eat throughout the week (carrots, celery, avocados, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc). Each stays crisp and fresh if they are secured in a storage container. We also make our salads for the week on Sunday and store them in airtight containers, which encourages freshness, and bake a chicken and beets (separate) for the week as well. For dinner, our entree centers on a vegetable that is often in season, and we also enjoy grilling our vegetables outside on the grill, especially since it’s summer!


Do you promote “frozen” dinners?

I would refrain from purchasing a “TV dinner” because they are often filled with preservatives or excessive sodium. Instead, make a protein-based dish that you can freeze, and then thaw and reheat. An example of this would be chicken meatballs that I always have available.


If I have a “sweet tooth,” how can I curb that habit?

Telling someone that can’t eat sweets is one of the most sensitive conversations I have daily because I realize that eliminating sugar cold turkey can cause trauma in many areas of a patient’s life. It’s important to implement a “Good-Better-Best” scenario to limit and then stop sweets. For example, instead of cookies and cake, try shredded coconut with a few organic raisins and walnuts, which can soften a desire for sweets after a meal. Also, consider scooping one-half tablespoon of almond butter alongside the raisins.


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