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Dr. Bob’s “Drugless Guide” to Prostate Health

The prostate gland is an area of the body that is rarely discussed by men and their buddies until they start to notice frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which often results in stubbing a toe or jamming a knuckle from running into a closed door or wall.  The impaired body part is a beginning of the conversation, since now you cannot play as a weekend warrior and they want to know why.  Men will talk about the type of lawnmower they have or a new golf club or their favorite sports team before they will 'fess up to the fact their plumbing (bladder) is not working.

I discuss prostate issues with men as early as forty years old and sometimes even younger depending on the stress level.  Stress alone can create a cascade of hormones altering the normal activity in the body.  I can recall when I was finishing my graduate training getting prepared to go into the clinic, that I was in fact, distressed enough to have frequent and difficult urination because my prostate was swollen.  I realized many men resist having their prostate checked for a variety of reasons; rectal examinations can be perceived as uncomfortable, and the thought of what happens if there is something and the other testing that may occur like a colonoscopy.  I have many men avoid being tested because of the procedures that often occur on the “merry-go-round” of Western medicine.

The prostate is located in the lowest part of the internal male anatomy, which means the prostate, because of gravity, tends to be bombarded by all those micro particles that tend to drift to the lowest part of the body.  The real challenge men face today more than any other time on the planet is toxic exposure and assault by xenohormones used in everything from herbicides and pesticides on the yard and golfing fairways, non-organic animal products, fruits and vegetables, the water we drink, the canned food we eat and even the gas released from the leather interior of your vehicle (do you think they use organic animal skins for the upholstery?).

Estrogen is a major component of xenohormones, which compete with and overpower the testosterone in your system.  Testosterone in the modern, high-tech male today is already at an all-time low; stress cannibalizes the androgen or pre-testosterone hormones released by the adrenal gland. "Low Testosterone" or "Low T" is beginning to be perceived as being as common as a cold.  Unfortunately, when you have low testosterone and increased estrogen your prostate is impacted; swelling of the prostate with frequent night urination and incomplete voiding are frequent body signals.

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This can all be complicated by a well-meaning mate or girlfriend who wants you to eat soy products.  Soy protein is common in power bars and veggie burgers, and even in prepared meat products like burgers and meatballs.  Soy will increase the amount of estrogen in a male’s body that is already swimming in a sea of estrogen. I do not suggest any soy. Soy depletes zinc and trypsin and has a natural attraction of aluminum to it. It increases estrogen in men and women.

Action Steps for Prostate Health!

  1. Avoid soy products.
  2. Take/add one liver support product to your list of supplements--milk thistle or dandelion root.
  3. Focus on cleaning up your diet; avoid fast foods and sugar which stress the liver.
  4. Take an iodine supplement after you have either a thyroid profile or urine iodine test. Both will assist your body’s requirement for iodine. Statistically in my practice, most men can easily take up to 12 mg of iodine a day.  If you are a swimmer or own a hot tub where you use bromine or chlorine you need to take iodine.
  5. If you golf, I would wear gloves. Do not smoke on the course and put your cigarette or cigar on the grass. NEVER lick the grass off your golf ball and do not put the tee in your mouth.  Avoid the steak fry after (only eat organic meat products)–eat the salad.
  6. Take a prostate product to support optimal function, up to three a day, depending on your urine flow, desire for intimacy and stamina. 


Dr. Bob DeMaria, “The Drugless Doctor,” is a trusted, long-time partner of His views and opinions are his own and are for informational purposes only. Please consult with your primary healthcare provider before changing your personal health regimen. 


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