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Dr. Bob and #OptimalU: Your Daily Guide to Optimal Health

Hi Everyone!

I hope this post finds your 2014 off to a great (albeit cold) start! This year, my practice in Ohio is focusing on an #OptimalU. What is an #OptimalU? It’s based off my updated “Guide to Optimal Health” which offers one health takeaway per day on various health subjects including meal planning, relationships, and exercise, which will enable you to live at your highest level of optimal health. This month our focus is on water.

Did you know cucumbers, celery, and cauliflower are three vegetables that contain high levels of water? Even though drinking upwards of a quart of water per day is optimal, is always good to know you can receive water through eating food, too!

Here’s a video for you, my friends in the Swanson community!



For more information about #OptimalU, and for a free preview of my “Guide to Optimal Health”, you can click here

Enjoy! Dr. Bob


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