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Women, Do Your Breasts Hurt?

Hurt no more!  New research reveals just a few surprising tweaks to your diet can reduce breast discomfort fast! 
  • Cut back on caffeine and chocolate!       Easier said than done, right!?  Especially when the chocolate looks this yummy!    Coffee, tea, and chocolate contain methylxanthines, natural stimulates that encourage cyst growth.  Noncancerous cysts are a source of breast pain for more than half of all women at some point!  Get back your good skin health!
  • Eat a fruit salad!  The fiber in fruits and vegetables binds to excess estrogen, which helps your body excrete it, lowering your risk of breast pain!
  • Easing inflammation with flaxseed!  Women who eat more omega-3 fatty acids are 67% less likely to suffer from non-cancerous cysts than those who eat the least, reports the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Watermelon?   Yes, eat watermelon or cucumbers, celery, parsley or drink some dandelion tea! All are natural diuretics that will help rid your body of excess fluid, relieving the discomfort caused by straining sensitive breast tissue.  This is an especially helpful step to take on premenstrual days, when changing hormones increase water retention.
  • Steamed Veggies!   Research shows that steaming cruciferous veggies - such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale and watercress - boosts their levels of indole-3-carbinol, a compound that shields your breasts from estrogen, a common trigger of monthly breast pain.               

Be Healthy!  Be Happy!


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