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Reduce Anxiety with These 5 Easy Tips

Here are 5 easy stress relief help steps to reduce anxiety in your everyday life:

1.  Start your day with a green-apple scented shampoo. Try Desert Essence Green Apple & Ginger and it's 100% Vegan. MRI brain scans show you'll calm the forefront of the brain, which governs emotions.

2. Reduce stress with sea salt! It's rich in soothing magnesium and calcium and helps relax the nervous system, ease muscle tension, and is even effective against the also makes for good skin health! (This can be especially helpful during our cold winter months).   I use Swanson's Ultra Himalayan Crystal Salt combo for easy use and handy refills. I've also given this combo, plus all of our Organic Spices, as a bridal shower gift to my daughter this year - her new husband loves our spices - "best gift ever" he said!

3. Snack on radishes! We're past the gardening season for fresh organic garden veggies, but there are organic radishes still available at your local market or try our Swanson Premium Full Spectrum Daikon Radish Root!  Radishes are packed with potassium and Vitamin C, nutrients proven to calm jittery nerves! Plus, they're rich in raphanin, a compound that naturally helps balance thyroid levels and ease anxiety!

4. Call a friend or loved one to vent!  Research by Mental Health America claims calling a loved one is enough to soothe 93% of people.  It's free stress relief help!

5. Still have anxiety?  Then pressing the webbing between your thumb and index finger for 30 seconds will produce a rush of brain chemicals and alleviate stress and increase confidence, according to studies out of the University of Arizona and Beijing Medical University.


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