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Living Above The Equator in Need of Vitamin D

I live above the equator (like so many others) so I need that extra burst of Vitamin D.  During the winter months, I take at least 4,000 IU's plus an extra spray shot whenever I think of it just in case my body is needing it & it's not telling me! In the summer months, I probably don't need as much. But since I wear sunscreen and work in the office, I'm not outdoors as much as I'd like, so I continue to take 4,000 IU's, but may skip the additional spray dosage. 

My favorite vitamin D sources from Swanson Health Product's (my home for Cheap Vitamins and Supplements!) are:
Vitamin D-3 2,000 IU  -  love the small capsules!! (Item #SW1210)
Vitamin D-3 Spray 1,000 IU - I keep the spray bottle at my desk as a reminder. (Item #SWU506)

To help with my energy level & the "happy" day, I also take:
Vitamin B12 (Item #SW031)
Vit B12 Spray (Item #SWU498)

Many of us are low in Vitamin D and could us an extra vitamin D source at least every now and then (especially for seasonal wellness). To figure out how much the average person needs, multiply 35 x your weight. That’s how many units you should take each day.  We should all urge our loved ones to get their levels right.


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