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5 Meditation Techniques

Are you too busy, intimidated or scattered to meditate?  Here are 5 beginner-friendly meditation techniques to try for wellness and stress relief help. I just completed the Basic Breathing Meditation and now feel so relaxed.  Since I walk almost every day, I will try to combine the Breathing & Listening Meditation with the Walking Meditation.

Listening Meditation:  This listening practice is a way of interacting with the environment that allows you to take in the whole energy of the present moment.  Simply sit, listen to and feel the sounds around you.

Mindfulness Meditation:  This meditation is not about achieving bliss or tranquility, but rather, it's aim is to see things as they really are more clearly.

Basic Breathing Meditation: 
This practice centers on something we always do but rarely notice: breathing.  Just become aware of each inhalation and exhalation; let your mind track how the breath moves, mapping where it goes to develop an understanding of your own unique "breathing identity."

Mantra Meditation:  This practice utilizes the power of sound and vibration to create stillness in the body, calm the nervous system and ultimately transform the mind.  Because each mantra differs in its meaning and vibrations produced, you can select mantras to create specific effects.  To reduce fear, anger and doubt, try the simplest mantra sat nam because it's easy to say and remember, yet offers profound effects.  Sat translates as "truth" and nam as "identity."  Start with chanting sat nam for three to five minutes and then work up to ten minutes.

Walking Meditation:  This component of numerous meditation traditions slows the walking process with the intention of bringing into awareness its most basic parts - lifting the foot, swinging it, placing it down - in order to bring a great consciousness to daily life. This is not walking for transportation to get to a destination, it's walking as a tool  for developing mindfulness in the present moment.  When you find yourself feeling restless or agitated, a physical practice like walking is a great way to quiet your mind and find grounding in your body.

Source:  Natural Health, Sept/Oct 201


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