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Are Telomeres The Key To Life-Long Happiness & Vitality?

Lee SwansonDear Friends,

Science has known about a phenomenon called cellular senescence for years, a phenomenon that increases as we age. Essentially, cellular senescence is the slowing down of the natural process by which our cells divide and multiply in order to maintain both our physical well-being, but also, as new research is showing, our mental well-being as well. Cellular senescence is behind just about everything we associate with aging, from visible signs like the decline in healthy skin tissue to hidden events within the body like tissue degeneration, mental decline and even organ failure. 

The answer to slowing this decline in cellular health may be hidden in your telomeres, the short strands of DNA located on the ends of chromosomes. And there's good news: research shows that certain nutrients can help support healthy telomere length and longevity, specifically L-glutathione, vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. Each of these ingredients has been identified as offering nutritional benefits for healthy telomere maintenance and/or the promotion of telomerase enzyme activity.

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Today's video from Dr. Baumgartner deals with the mental and cognitive aspects of aging and how telomere health and longevity might play a role in the elderly's slow decline of mood and emotional well-being. I invite you to watch the short video below and share your feedback in the comments section at the end of this post.





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Video Transcript: 

So let's talk about depression and aging in the elderly. A lot of us are elders and I have grandparents and parents who are elder. One thing that happens as we age is our demeanor tends to get a little more down, a little more depressed, a little more solemn, and a lot is we can't do as much as we use to do. Our bodies aren't functioning the way they use to. And there's definitely a lot of things we can do to keep our bodies younger, stronger, healthy.

One interesting thing we're finding is people as they get older and they're more depressed or even depressed people in general have a shorter telomere length. What the telomere is, the telomere is just a little cap on the top of your DNA. The DNA is something that encodes for your proteins and tells our bodies what we are going to become. This little cap can protect our bodies from aging quickly. So if we can do things to get that cap a little bit longer, it's hypothesized that rates of depression can be less, we may need less medications.

So it's an exciting time and it's not just related to depression but other things like longevity, bone health, immune function, the ability to exercise, sexual function, reproduction, so we're finding out this little telomere of course is going to affect every part of our body because it is what protects our DNA. So if you do things that protect your DNA like having a healthy telomere you're going to actually have less depression rates, you're going to have more energy and a healthier body.

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