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Could Stress Be the Main Cause of Aging and Mental Decline?

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Today's featured video from focuses on aging and mental decline, and our featured speaker happens to be an expert on both subjects. Dr. Guosong Liu is discusses memory loss and how common conditions like Alzheimer's Disease occur more often the older one gets. He also cites stress as perhaps the main culprit in speeding up the aging process.

I invite you to watch the video below... and as always, I wish you the very best of health.

Lee Swanson


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About Professor Guosong Liu

Dr. Liu earned his Ph.D. in Neurophysiology from UCLA with postdoctoral training at Standord University.  Dr. Liu is Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Learning and Memory, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, Beijing.  He is also Adjunct Professor of the Center for Learning and Memory at the University of Texas, Austin.
Previously, Dr. Liuwas Professor at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science and the Department of Biology at MIT.


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