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New Products Review with Lee Swanson: 2 New Breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Research

Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

It’s time once again for us to take a look at the new products we’ve been working hard on developing for you. July’s theme seems to be all about anti-aging, as three of our newest products (two are all-new, one is new and improved)  are harnessing some very fascinating new research findings about how our bodies age and what we can do to promote optimized health and quality of life as we age.  

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First up, I’m proud to present two new super nutrients for healthy aging at the cellular level. Based on groundbreaking research and new understanding of the mechanisms of age-related decline, these cutting-edge nutraceuticals support health and wellness in ways we could never have imagined just a decade ago.

Dr. Derrick DeSilva, a long-time partner of Swanson Health Products®, brings us a maximum potency PQQ supplement, a truly cutting-edge nutritional discovery that the journal Nature called the “1st New Vitamin in 55 Years.” While it has yet to be classified as a true vitamin, PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is widely accepted as a relative to the B-vitamin family that holds the potential to help us maintain healthy mental function as we age. I urge you to read my exclusive interview with Dr. DeSilva, who introduced me to PQQ years ago when the science was just emerging. I’m so thankful to Dr. DeSilva for bringing us this remarkable new super nutrient that truly has the power to change our lives.

Next is my personally formulated Telomere Advantage Cellular Longevity Formula. Cutting-edge research suggests that telomeres—short little strands of DNA found at the end of our chromosomes—may hold the secret to long life. By supporting healthy telomeres, scientists suggest, we may be able to prolong our lifespan. I’ve been absolutely riveted by this topic, and I scoured the research to put together this no-frills approach to telomere support.

Also this month we present a new and improved version of our best-selling Youth Tissue Extract from renowned Norwegian physician, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland. This popular product was rendered unavailable after supply of its key ingredient fell short. Now it’s back with a new and improved version of the key oligopeptide ingredient that made it a favorite among thousands of Swanson® customers who realized remarkable revitalizing benefits from this unique, natural product.


More products new this month include:

  • Reduced Sodium Himalayan Crystal Salt—same health benefits of natural crystal salt now with 50% less sodium to fit your dietary needs
  • Schuessler Cell Salts—brings together all 12 of Dr. William H. Schuessler’s homeopathic cell salts into one comprehensive formula to nourish your body’s natural balance and defenses
  • Castor Oil Softgels w/ Peppermint—liquid organic castor oil combined with organic peppermint to make enjoying the time-tested benefits of castor oil a whole lot more palatable
  • Full Spectrum Oat Straw (as seen on TV)—a favorite all-natural energy-booster among herbalists, also well-known for its bountiful vitamin and mineral content
  • Double-Potency Suntheanine®—get twice the support of this natural calming and relaxing amino acid (serving size based on clinical research)

As always, I wish you the very best of health,

Lee Swanson


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