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New Products Highlight with Lee Swanson—March 2013

Weight Loss Advancements

The Raspberry Ketone craze continues, and just this month Swanson Health Products introduced three new advancements to help you optimize your supplementation:  we’re now offering a double-strength version of our original Razberi-K® capsules, a maximum strength version featuring the highest potency on the market today, and a combination capsule including synergistic CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). I’m pleased that Swanson now offers a Raspberry Ketone supplement fit for everyone, and you can read more about these new advancements here.

Swanson Pet Nutrition

Also this month, we introduce the newest member of our Swanson Advisory Board, veterinarian Dr. Mike Kohn. As Dr. Kohn explained in this month’s Swanson Health Products catalog, he and I have known each other for many, many years, and while our lives have taken us down different paths, we have both maintained a commitment to natural health.

Dr. Kohn's holistic veterinary practice is a popular "hidden gem" in the Wisconsin community where he's operated for over 20 years. I'm proud and excited to have his support and advice as we continue to develop our line of Swanson Pet Nutrition products. This month we launched two new products in the Swanson Pet Nutrition Line, an ear wash and eye wash. They are a great addition to your home pet care routine that your dogs and cats will surely appreciate.

High Absorption Iodine

Turning back to human nutrition now, I’m pleased to be releasing a new Triple Iodine Complex brought to you through our partnership with natural products legend Terry Lemerond, the founder of Enzymatic Therapy and EuroPharma and a renowned pioneer responsible for introducing a variety  of today's most popular supplements to America. Triple Iodine Complex combines three forms of this important trace mineral: molecular iodine, sodium iodide and potassium iodide. Statistics show that nearly the entire U.S. population is deficient in this important mineral, so I’m very excited to offer this new formula.

These are just a few of the exciting new products you'll find this month at As always, you'll find deep discounts on all of our Swanson Health Products Brands, as well as the hundreds of national health food store brands that we’re proud to offer.  



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Lee Swanson


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