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How Advertising Changed the Game for Drug Companies

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In today's featured video from, Robert Scott Bell brings a fascinating discussion to the forefront... one that may seem obvious after the fact. Mr. Bell shares some information on how advertising, or access to mass media in general, has really shaped today's landscape for pharmaceuticals and drug makers.

Drug companies having the ability to advertise is actually a relatively new phenomenon, and and Mr. Bell says it's opened a number of new avenues for the companies to get people to buy their products. Products that many do not even need.  I'll be very interested to hear your reaction to today's video. I hope you will share your feedback in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

As always, I wish you the very best of health.

Lee Swanson


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About Robert Scott Bell D.A. Hom.

Mr. Robert Scott Bell grew up with a host of chronic diseases from allergies to gastrointestinal issues and joint pain.  After countless pharmaceutical drugs provided little or no benefit, Robert looked at other options and eventually became a homeopathic practitioner.

Robert Scott Bell now shares his messages of physical, emotional, mental, economic and political healing through his radio show.  Robert is the host of the two hour show that deals with every day issues from a alternative health care perspective. You can hear The Robert Scott Bell Show every weekday from noon to 2pm on the Natural News Radio Network and each Sunday at 1pm on the Genesis Communication Network. For more information, go to

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